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Six things I noticed when I went back to Ireland

My body clock said 5am, but it was 6pm in London. I was at Heathrow Airport, about to take the last leg in my three flight, 20 hour odyssey from Busan to Dublin. I had eye bags that should have … Continue reading

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Makgeolli and crisps: my first Christmas in Korea

I am a youngest child, and will be the first to admit that we can be a very privileged and annoying species. This is more true at Christmastime than ever: we get esteemed jobs like putting the star on the … Continue reading

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How I try not to lose my shit as a middle school teacher in Korea

It was late March of this year. I had been a teacher for just under a month and I had no idea what to do. I was becoming more red faced as the seconds wore on, sweating despite the classroom’s … Continue reading

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Cat ladies in Kyungsung

  Okay, so my visit to the 포 캣 (po cat) cat café happened ages ago – I think it was my second weekend in Busan. But it’s like the ancient Korean proverb* goes: ‘It’s better to blog a long … Continue reading

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Six Irish reactions to a big Korea move

You can tell a lot about people from the way they react when you tell them you’re going to teach English in Korea for a year (Though I don’t suggest doing this unless you are actually going to teach English … Continue reading

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My big Korea move: How it all started

It’s sometimes interesting to look back on your life at a big juncture and wonder ‘How did I get here?’ This is part of the story of how I ended up deciding I wanted to teach English in South Korea. … Continue reading

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